Thursday, June 14, 2012

Congratulations Jason and Chantelle & a conflict of sorts

Jason Capelo and his now wife, Chantelle had their nuptials on the Gold Coast over the weekend. Eighteen months in the planning and apart from a few nerves for the bride and groom, it was a very agreeable day. Julie and I tacked on a few extra days either side, and flying home I had time to reflect on the short trip away.

Kirra Beach was pumping yesterday and it was wonderfully energizing watching a bunch of black wetsuited surfers ride 4m waves far off the beach. I was quietly transported back to my twenties when in a fit of 'you only live oncesies' a few mates and I braved similar swells to ride one wave after sitting terrified out the back for 45 minutes. Set after set tested by underwater breathing with a few brave attempts to ride a soggy monster thrown in.

Then...the right wave came along.

It felt like that wave caught me and I was atop a watery cliff looking down to a painful wipeout. But my legs worked, the board bolted down the face and whatever fear I had was replaced with utter exhilaration.

I'm sure the wave lasted a lot less time than I recall, however I rode along the best part of Greenmount Beach, from 100m off Greenmount Point and even dropped onto my belly on the board to take the wash all the way to the beach. I didn't know what a Bucket List was way back then but I know now...and one item has been ticked off.

A few hours earlier I was reminded how smart phones have invaded our conversations.

I flatten my iPhone battery every I guess I'm not in a position to preach.

But...I was sitting reading a paper on my own at a coffee shop and looked up to see everyone seated around me with a smart phone to their ear or typing away, regardless of whom they were with.

Sad really...

Owning a business can be a little like the conflict I felt yesterday. Omni-present technology is all around us...and it enabled me to keep in contact with my team whilst away (and sell three properties!).

That day in my twenties had a few important components too.

A Goal (to get out the back and ride the wave of my life)
Fear (of spectacular failure)
And the exhilaration of accomplishment

What about your bucket list? What are you going to do today to keep balance in your life? What are your goals?

Ted Hanson (out and about!)