Monday, July 23, 2012

True Friends

I was reminded of true and deep friendship recently. A long term friend - Graham turned 60 a few weeks back and we flew to Melbourne to help him celebrate with his wife and 2 other close friends. Saw a show on Friday night preceded by a fantastic Chinese meal in the heart of Melbourne. Drove to Healesville on Saturday morning. Fabulous dinner, watched Black Caviar win at Ascot (just) and spent the rest of the weekend chatting and enjoying each others company.

Now...we've all known each other for 20 years and conversations are always easy with everything from Buddhist philosophies through to Collingwood's great form. World problems are solved, and a few first class wines imbibed.

And Graham and I wandered into Healesville at lunchtime on Monday for a coffee while the womenfolk shopped (oh...the pain of stereotype!) and I realized we'd all seen lots of challenges...and good times. The Black Saturday fires nearly took our friend's lives, and came within a whisker of destroying their home. Marriage break downs. Financial issues. Serious health scares. Wonderful holidays together. Children, (and not). Deaths. Job losses. Jobs gained.

I didn't mention for a long time we all lived in different states.

There is one thing in common. We are there to support each other no matter what...

We see each other perhaps 2 or 3 times each year. A snapshot on life, we move on and look forward to the next great get together.

True friendship.

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