Sunday, April 17, 2011

How can we do awesome customer service?

In the space of a 24hr period we went from a delightful evening with 'wow' service to the opposite end of the spectrum and considering whether we would use a particular car hire company again. I then started to wonder....are Aussies great at customer service?
Let me fill in the gaps...
Noosa Nosherie is a cafe we wished we'd discovered 2 weeks earlier. Our last night of a two week vacation was a wonderful opportunity to have a night out with friends and on their recommendation we wound up at Quamby Place and the Noosa Nosherie. The evening turned out to be one of those dining experiences you cherish. Brilliant food, delivered with genuine interest and not rushed. Sitting (under cover) outside, near the end of the night the heavens opened up, sending us a long tropical downpour. We were only 10 mins walk from our accommodation, however we could have been staying next door and there was no way we'd brave it. Without any hesitation, the waitress offered to drive us home and so in we jumbled along with the baby seat and kids books.
Now was that strictly 'Customer Service'? Probably not. But she didn't have to do that little bit of 'WOW' and as a consequence we haven't stopped talking about it (including this post).
Cut to today...we hired a 'smallest and cheapest' car to get back to Wollongong (it's an inexpensive way of getting back and forward to the airport!).
The customer service girl who booked our car out was dutiful but once we arrived at the pick up area we were hit with a serious case of 'couldn't give a stuff itis'. Without boring you with details, suffice to say we haven't stopped talking about THAT experience either!
We are all in the customer service industry when you look at it.
That little bit extra goes a long way...

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