Monday, April 11, 2011

What price to save lives?

Strictly speaking, this post isn't about property...but then again, in a way it is!
One noticeable thing about Queensland surf clubs is the quality of their buildings and surf rescue gear. We watched bright young cadets with wise old lifesavers looking over their shoulder clean down near new Polaris and Rhino ATV's. These machines have all the lifesaving gear necessary to bring life back to tired limbs and drowned lungs. Other cadets put seriously good surf skis away. All belonging to the club. Wollongong has 17 patrolled beaches and an exceptionally well run Association. But you just get the feeling each season is a tough fundraising journey to the next season.
Some years ago the QLD State Govt recognised the value of letting the Surf Clubs capitilise on their superb locations and helped them to set up licenced premises above the club rooms. Some clubs went into debt to fund the idea and everyone is now benefitting.
You just wonder if the Licensed Clubs Association in NSW has had a hand in limiting this option in our state - lobbying Government to prevent 'competition'?
Never-the-less, there is a new broom in Macquarie Street. What an opportunity!

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