Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - A pat on the back, A brickbat and A bouquet

My wife and I were in Canberra on the weekend. White fluffy clouds, birds singing in the trees and a comfortable 22 degs. Saturday morning, my phone rang. One of our sales agents was obviously stressed. Danny shouted, 'I can't get there!'. Eventually the torrential events of that Illawarra morning emerged with his journey between open houses blocked by debris, flooded streets and police cars. THAT was a surreal conversation amongst our pleasant surroundings. This was the first open house on 1 Prospect Street, Mt St Thomas. Well...his Kluger found footpaths, water crossings and back streets to eventually arrive only a few minutes late to allow 9 people through the home. Well done Danny O'Neill - a truly committed sales agent!

Despite the weather we had 74 inspections on 10 open homes and a staggering 3,925 visits to our internet listings for the week. 2 sales were negotiated with 2 properties being close to sale.
Auction results: Sydney 55% with Melbourne 51%. Agents report the first home buyers in Sydney are out in force like the Illawarra with the removal of the First Home Buyers Plus scheme fueling buying decisions in the lower range. If you are thinking of selling, talk to us well before 31st December as we believe you will benefit from the extra buyer activity now.

Now - the Brickbat. On two occasions I saw bike riders in Canberra ignore red lights at speed. They didn't slow. How are genuine riders going to claim any credibility on the road while riding red necks do this?! I'm a regular bike rider and felt ashamed by their actions. Wake up guys!

And the Bouquet - Belluci's in Manuka is an institution and Julie and I had a wonderful meal there on Saturday night. The place was packed, service was fantastico, food was bellisimo but what really stood out for us was the acknowledgement we received from the chef, numerous wait staff and Maitre d' as we left! In an obviously busy environment, each one took time out for a warm greeting and goodbye. Easy to see why they are so successful and something we can all learn.

Quote for the week:
Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.
- Margaret Cousins

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