Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - there are buyers out there!

With the long weekend and everyone elsewhere, we only opened 5 properties this past weekend and subsequently saw a small turnout at our open homes. However, it appears it was well worth it as a genuine buyer (who took a contract copy) turned up at one of the houses.
We had a total of 1,879 unique visits onto our sale properties from the web for the week averaging 104 per property.
What is also telling for the market is the 10 sales we secured for the month of September. I'm aware of some areas in the state (and also SE Queensland) who's offices are doing 10 sales for the year.
I also believe this is due to the sales team and their abilities - well done, team!
Auction clearance rates for Sydney were 57% and Melbourne - 44%. I suspect the Melbourne figure was due to the Footy grandfinal. (and really...who would auction in Melbourne on GF day!).
We have two properties being auctioned this Thursday 6th October with both attracting buyers. Will report the outcome next week.
In the meantime - happy house hunting.

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