Tuesday, January 20, 2009

its a start....

Real estate has the power to make or break you. As real estate agents we meet despondent property owners who, by no fault of their own making have to sell at a substantial loss. On the flip side are those basking in the reflected glory of low debt and high net worth. One thing is for certain...down through history, high net worth individuals have real estate as their common thread. It is relatively easy to liquidate, appreciates considerably in value (approx doubling every 10 years), is securable (sometimes to 100%) and of course you can live in/on it.
I have spent a little over 20 years involved in the grass roots of residential and commercial real estate including now managing a Real Estate office.
It has been good to me and this rant is a opportunity to impart some of that knowledge to those that might want to listen...

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