Thursday, January 22, 2009

Karen's Day

8.20am - arrive at the office
till 9.00am - review overnight e-mails and rental enquiries
9.00am - talk to team about any PM issues, including maintenance, problem arrears and vacates for the day.
9.30am - inspect a vacated property noting differences to the ingoing inspection report
10.15am - phone tenant to advise outcome including animated discussion about who is paying for what...!
10.30am - drive to and conduct 3 separate inspections on one of the vacant properties...noting feedback for the landlord...hand out two application forms with details about filling out the forms
11.30am - grab a quick cuppa while reading application forms and reference checks
12.00 noon - take a call from an irate landlord about safety repairs carried out by the office (he'd forgotten his agency agreement allowed us to do repairs up to a certain amount without reference to him)
12.40pm - make a sandwich for lunch and eat at the desk while reviewing lease documents for upcoming lease signing

1.00pm - lease signing in conference room - 4 occupants in the one property. never rented before and asked LOTS of questions - that means they listened!
2.15pm - inspection at Flinders - 45mins on the road - no interest
3.00pm - Landlord has lost two end of month statements and wants reprints - doing their tax.
3.15pm tenant phoned in cause they locked themselves out and want us to open the front door for them - grrrr - have advised them keys at our front desk
3.30pm - prepare documents for lease - including ingoing inspection report - lots of interuptions. job that normally takes 1/2 hour finishes at 4.45pm
4.45pm - need to recheck ingoing inspection report for lease tomorrow against property - property is just down the road
5.15pm - phone landlords to report inspections
6.00pm - pack up and go home - start again tomorrow

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