Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Wollongong actually heaven?

I recently attending the Australian Real Estate Conference at the Sydney Convention Centre . This outstanding two day event (alongside two and a half thousand estate agents and agency owners) showcased speakers such as Alan Jones, Rudi Giuliani (ex Mayor of New York City) and the very inspirational Nick Vuyicic (look him up). These people complemented industry specialists who humbly told their stories. And shared brilliant ideas!
But I also walked away with something else...
Years ago - whenever I spoke about Wollongong to attendees at this type of event, the answer was either 1. 'Where's that?' or 2. 'Why would you want to live there?'
Those responses have materially changed. Now it's...'what a beautiful place to live', and 'I love going there'. And this is from estate agents all over the country.
And...a lot of talk amongst the industry on the weekend was about working in a tough market. As an area, our property prices have remained firm with steady turnover. Just look at the sold signs.
Why would you want to live anywhere else?!

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