Monday, May 16, 2011

Success Story of the week!

Jason Capelo provides expertise in knowing how to make your property stand out from the rest and thinking outside of the square is Jason’s trade mark.
Jason’s recent property sale of $17,000 more than the most recent sale within the block, highlights his strategic and unconventional thinking. Through an effective marketing campaign and providing accurate advice he was able to provide endless benefits to the vendors. The power of professional photography and inclusion of professional styling services/display furniture allowed Jason to maximise the properties price to record levels. Jason’s way of thinking provided many benefits to the vendors and in turn created a better sale. From start to finish Jason went above and beyond to provide exceptional service and knowledge. To achieve maximum property price you need your property to stand out from the rest and Jason’s way of thinking will always help design a higher property price.


I recently engaged the services of Jason Capelo to sell my Unit in Wollongong. I needed to receive a certain sale price for my investment property so Jason advised be on the best way to present the unit to achieve this. He suggested a fresh coat of paint, replacement of the carpet and to hire rental furniture for an overall visual effect.

I could not believe the difference these few small improvements made to the unit. Jason was able to assist me with organising everything that was needed to put the property to the market looking it's best. The unit sold within the first couple of days of it being on the market and we received a sale price just under the asking price but well over what we had ever expected. I don't believe this would have happened had we not followed Jason's advice. He marketed and priced the unit correctly for the current market and had suitable buyers to view the unit. Overall we could not fault his services. The entire sales procedure was very smooth.

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