Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly wrap up: Kiwi Spectacular

This weeks post is coming to you from Lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand. Julie and I are here to attend a wedding at The Church of the Good Sheppard.
And taking a little bit of time out too. There are a few things evident.
1. New Zealanders are some of the most 'house proud' people on the planet. Everything is spotlessly clean, no vandalism and some of the friendliest smiles anywhere.
2. Christchurch and environs are suffering from EAS. Earthquake Avoidance Syndrome. Christchurch got smashed on Feb 22 this year. They are slowly reestablishing the city with many buildings still to be demolished.
3. We are known as FIT's. Free Independent Travellers...not attached to a tour group.
4. There are All Black flags EVERYWHERE! Still!  
5. You don't need to go to Europe to see some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. It's just across the ditch.
6. There are some 35,000 kiwis a year moving to OZ to pick up great salaries as part of the mining/resource boom. That's how bad our skill shortage is.
7. Ad creators in eNZed have a wonderful sense of humour.  
8. The lamb is sensational!
Let me expand on EAS a little. This is my term however Christchurch numbers are down incredibly. Even travelers are avoiding flying into the place. Generally they are flying into Wellington, catching the ferry across to Pucton, travelling down the west coast and flying out of Queenstown thereby avoiding the earthquake area altogether. And Christchurch is suffering. Property values have plummeted, much needed tourist dollars are missing and there's a collective paranoia. Jules and I will be travelling back to Christchurch tomorrow and in the tradition of kiwi ingenuity look forward to walking around the Cashel Street Mall. 
As for real estate stuff in Wollongong? I have been kept in the dark by our wonderful team while we enjoy some time out. I have no doubt they are kicking some serious goals in our absence. 

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