Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - Wonderful news for Wollongong - Lets build on it!

Over the years, the Wollongong Mall and its environs have copped their fair share of flack. And it would be very hard to argue against the present mall being well past its use by date.
GPT is about to start the West Keira project, the Mall is getting a wonderful Christmas makeover and positive energy is returning to the CBD.
So how do we build on this?
It's time to revamp the total look of the city.
An example of the incredible change to habits can be seen with the Blue Mile project on the waterfront. Have you noticed how many people are using this now? And the coastal nay sayers who didn't want change are very quiet.
Should the old Illawarra County Council building on the corner of Burelli and Church Street be demolished? The argument is it blocks access to McCabe Park both visually and literally. What about the atrocity that is West Crown Street? How do we build on the lifestyle aspects of living in Wollongong (a Sydney based friend recently complained on line that his commute to work was now 2 hours each way - that equates to 40 x 24hr days per year out of his life. Tell me who has THAT worry living and working in Wollongong?). Bring it on!

I like the strategic themes as outlined in the Wollongong Futures Strategy Report 2025
  • Living City – urban environment, local communities, natural environment policies, lifestyle
  • Innovative City - regional economy, cultural industries
  • Connected City – transport, telecommunications
  • Inclusive City – social plan, equity, governance, community engagement
Real Estate Matters:
Our team has secured 4 sales over the past two weeks with open house attendance a little down on previous weeks. Is this a reflection of reduced stock levels or an early Christmas trend?
We saw 2321 unique visits to our properties on-line for the week ending 19th November.
Auction clearance rates - Sydney 52% and Melbourne 47%

Quote for the week:
A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.
- Rosabeth Moss Kanter


  1. Ted

    One of the most positive things at the moment is an initiative at UOW. They are encouraging your "E" entrepreneurs to follow there dream in Wollongong. Hopefully we can establish ourselves as a dominant force and not lose our best talent OS, a mini Silicon Valley perhaps!

  2. What a great initiative. Guys like Geoff McQueen have had to relocate to the US for similar reasons. Bring 'em home I say!