Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - Sydney to the Gong and beyond

Completed the Sydney to the Gong ride yesterday and apart from making sure sufficient oxygen to sustain life reached my vital organs on the climbs, I had 3hrs 30 mins to reflect on a few things.
We really have world class scenery. Botany Bay, Georges River, the wonderful rainforest of Royal National Park and then the stunning Illawarra coastline to the finish. We do live in an amazing part of the planet - sometimes taken for granted.
I was gobsmacked by the quality of the organisation that delivered 10 thousand of my fellow bike riders to the finish at North Wollongong. Major roads were closed including National Park, dedicated bike lanes operated for most of the 90kms and every important intersection had Police and volunteers to guide us safely through.
And then the fundraising bit. I've raised $1090 so far and this was made even more poignant via a post by a Facebook friend. She thanked me for the contribution as she was a recipient of the MS fundraising. Makes it that much more personal - Thank you, Maya.
To real estate matters!
We sold three properties through the week (including one at Auction) with 35 people through 5 open houses.
Auction clearance rates: - Sydney 56% and Melbourne 55% reflecting a steady turnover.
First home buyers are expected to remain the main sales turnover force until the end of the year and the Reserve Banks decision to drop official interest rates by 0.25% will inject a little more confidence into the market.
Once again - thank you to all my sponsors for the ride. There is still time to contribute if you feel so inclined. Just click the link in today's Blog title.
Quote for the week:
"It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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