Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - Wollongong, the preferred riders destination

I took some time out to watch the world class cycling field on Satuday afternoon at Wollongong lighthouse. I noticed a few things:
  1. The road surface was superb - it was obvious someone had focussed on getting this right
  2. It was a class field - Stage winners on European Grand Tours, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions on both track and road, and the Russian Olympic Cycling Team to name a few
  3. They are damn quick - I clocked the Elite Men circulating at 42km/hr average and up to 48km/hr average in the last couple of laps
  4. It's difficult to get 90 elite riders around a near hairpin bend together at 42km/hr
  5. Hotmix is not very forgiving when you come off
  6. I forgot to put suncream on my thonged feet!
I've also subsequently read the Russian Team was so impressed with Wollongong, they've extended their stay by a week for more training.
I believe the drive to get the event to Wollongong came from David Farmer and Gordon Bradbery...well done leaders. Wollongong is ideally set up for sportsmen and women and with a rich tradition of elite sportsmen from the area this can only enhance our reputation.

Real Estate Matters:
Again we noticed Open House attendances were generally down with a fairly robust rain storm on Saturday morning contributing to the outcome. This was actually in contrast to the Sydney experience where afternoon auctions were fairly well attended with active and successful bidding.
We saw 2218 unique visits to our properties on-line for the week ending Saturday 26th November.
Auction clearance rates - Sydney 55% and Melbourne 50%

Quote for the week:
Think globally, act locally.
- Rene Dubos

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